Those who wait for the future have long since missed it.

3D Druck

3D printing technology by Grohe

The future in parts production. 3D printing. What is still valid today for small series and prototypes will soon become standard for medium and large series as well. GROHE Technology is well-prepared for this. With tomorrow’s expertise, today.

And that’s what we deliver:

  • Highest precision
  • 25 μm XY resolution
  • 250 mW laser power
  • Wash and Cure optimise and automate the rinsing and post-curing of printed parts
  • A wide variety of resin-based materials, from rigid to flexible to temperature-resistant
  • A wide range of colouring options, from transparent to white to colourful
  • More detailed material selection and specification
  • Sample production, individual parts up to small series
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