Now we’re really turning up the heat.

Ein Beispiel für Präzisionsdrehteile von Grohe Technology mit unterschiedlichen Drehtechnologien

Turning technology by GROHE

Everything is focused on this moment. When the tool touches the blank, works it, shapes it, brings it to life. Turning a piece of brass into a GROHE precision part. Of course, this is done on modern CNC single and multi-spindle machines. And with the precision skills of GROHE employees. But for a real precision feat, it takes more. Some crucial, indispensable steps. It is the apparent trivialities that distinguish the good from the better. And it’s the little secrets that make the winner.

Turn. Our passion.

We transform all copper and copper-zinc alloys, including lead-free materials such as Cuphin and Ecobrass, with the highest precision into a turned part and entirely in accordance with your specifications. All other materials are available on request.

The starting point for this are rods, tubes or profi.les with an outer diameter of 8 mm to max. 65 mm

And that’s what we deliver:

Burr-free machining (inside and outside)
Closely tolerated fits
Precise shape and position
Turned visible surfaces from Ra 0.40 µ
Finely turned visible surfaces from Ra 0.25 µ
Diamondised visible surfaces from Ra 0.05 µ
Sealing surfaces from RZ 2 process-safe
Complete “off the shelf” machining
Interrupted cuts
Thin-walled geometries
Complex internal machining
Smallest corner radii
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